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Thursday, April 4, 2013

How I use social media's Bailey again...and blogging about today how I use social media

I use facebook for keeping up with most of my friends and sharing what I am doing. I also share pictures, videos, blogs. Music, movies, news, profiles, and more. I think facebook is the most used social network. :)

My next one...I use twitter for updating what I'm doing (called tweeting, or microblogging) and see what others are saying (friends, family, celebrities and brands)

Four square- for checking into places and sharing where I'm at....and sometimes when I check in to places I love how I earn badges.

Instagram- for photo sharing, when I first join instagram (in 2011) nobody really used it and now everyone is saying its cooler than is twitter. I like instagram for photo sharing

MySpace- this is not used much...but however I stream music and share it

Blogger- for blogging! :-)

YouTube- for videos

Gmail and icloud for email

Skype and FaceTime for video chat and IM

And that's about it!

Thanks, B